One-on-One, Online Coaching & Mentoring

I absolutely LOVE the work that I do, and I am so committed to helping my clients broaden their horizons beyond their current imaginings!


By breaking down old barriers that have been holding them back, I get so much joy from seeing clients do things things that once seemed impossible, and now seem easy!


If you would like to uncover the mindset blocks and subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from your best and most courageous self, then I believe that one-on-one sessions are the fastest, most profound way to reset not only your riding, but also your life results.

One-One Coaching 3 Session Starter Pack
  • Initial session 60 mins- where we get to know your challenges, uncover existing beliefs and where I tune into your learning style so I can develop your personalised session plan

  • 2 Coaching Sessions 60 mins 1:1 sessions to upgrade your riding patterns and beliefs, where we will uncover the blocks and sub conscious beliefs that are holding you back in the saddle, and reprogram these with new, supportive and confident beliefs

  • You will get your own personalised Wedgetail Technique, a practical exercise that we anchor in self-hypnosis to then enable you to quickly reverse nerves if/when they arise (and not just when you are riding!)

The truth is, life can be amazing, delicious and totally enjoyable and if you would like to bring more of this into yours, then I absolutely can't wait to chat!

$197.00 or 3 payments of $75.00 (Subsequent coaching sessions $64.00/45mins)

If you want to find out if we are good match, you can book a 15 minute chat with me below:

Stef Winwood coaching, courageousrider.c

"Stef instructed me to dig deep & utilised her NLP techniques to discover my blocks, barriers & why I was experiencing limiting self beliefs. I was really surprised & pleased that with Stef's help that I was able to overcome a lot of what had been holding me back & causing those limiting self beliefs. I feel so much more confident & clearer within my mind going forward that I will be able to achieve my goals."

- Simone Gibbs

One on One Coaching 

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