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We are a boutique colonial warmblood stud located in the picturesque Manning Valley of NSW.

We specialise in breeding performance horses based on heritage colonial bloodlines from the original remount stations that bred horses for the War effort; up until the mid 1940’s. Our horses, sourced across the length and breadth of Australia are a lasting testament of Australia's proud equine history.


If you are dreaming of a baroque beauty that takes you back in time, but with all the performance requirements of a modern athlete combined with a fantastic temperament, we would love to talk to you!

Vega Jan Comp 2014 4
Stef and Vega Wauchope May 2013
Andrea and Vega heading
With a rigid standard of excellence, and a true passion for what we do, we can help you find or breed a performance horse to suit your ambitions
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Welcome to the Academy of Courageous Riding


I'm so glad you're here! 


If you are tired of calling yourself a 'nervous rider' or a 'nervous nelly'...

If you are looking for help to become the CALM, CONFIDENT and CAPABLE rider that you have always dreamed of being, and you know you just need the RIGHT toolkit to help you break through to the riding results you have been dreaming of - 

you are in the right place!

This site has been designed to help you find your way to your riding dreams - and I can't wait to see your riding take flight, I can't wait to see you soar!

Love Stef

Varekai offers all the best of the heritage horse in a single breeding package. With his lovely placid temperament, expressive and elevated movement and strong conformation, he is difficult to go past...
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We breed a small number of quality foals each year and offer select young stock for sale.
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Performance Horses
We offer quality saddle horses for sale, that have been started using classical and natural methods. From green broken youngstock to horses being educated and competed Official EA Dressage, we can help you find or breed a performance horse to suit your ambitions.
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