Dressage Coaching, Mid North Coast

My love for classical equitation and Dressage  was firmly cemented during my time working at La Ecole DÁrt Equestre, (School of Equestrian Arts) in Switzerland

Here I was initiated into the world of horsemanship, ethical training, baroque and classical equitation and starting this journey has forever changed my world.

Dressage Lessons
I offer a small number of clients dressage lessons on their own horses, and can travel to your arena. I combine my years of theoretical and practical study (I am TOTALLY a dressage nerd!) with my NLP training to work with your learning style and break down the complex demands of our sport into easy to understand chunks. I also love to explain the why's by talking through the gymnastic and biomechanic requirements on the horse and rider.


$50.00 + travel


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Dressage Coaching

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