10 Week VIP Program

If you are ready to leave FEAR and NERVES in the saddle totally behind you and move your riding forward - where you actually start ENJOYING riding again &;

If you would like to combine powerful inner mindset work with practical, actionable strategy to re-program fear and nerves in the saddle so that you become a confident, calm and centered rider - with the heavy lifting done from the comfort of your couch - then this 10 Week Program might be just the ticket!

Introducing the Get Back in the Saddle HAPPY - VIP 10-week Program

In this 10 week transformative program we will:

  • Develop your personal Get Back in the Saddle HAPPY 10 Week Strategy

  • Have 4 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions to upgrade your riding patterns and beliefs, where we will uncover the blocks and sub conscious beliefs that are holding you back in the saddle, and reprogram these with new, supportive and confident beliefs

  • Weekly support emails to integrate the new thoughts and feelings whenever you are with your horse, and support your strategy implementation over the 10 weeks

  • You will get your own personalised Wedgetail Technique, a practical exercise that we anchor in self-hypnosis to then enable you to quickly reverse nerves if/when they arise (and not just when you are riding!)

  • and ensure you start LOVING riding again!!

If you sick of describing yourself as a ‘nervous rider’ or of dreaming about riding and spending time with your horse, only to be completely disappointed when it comes to getting on and suddenly you would rather be almost anywhere else – like even maybe at the dentist? - Then I can't wait to help you fall in love with riding again!

Introductory Price
Usually $516, I’m offering this for a limited time only
for $395 or 3 monthly payments of $147


"Sounds like a fantastic opportunity! This could really change things for riders and re-align their riding and life journey!

I can say first hand that Stef does amazing work, she is very gifted in bringing out your inner challenges and helping you move forward and address them"

- Emma Louise

Yes please, I'm ready to enjoy being in the saddle

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