Top Secrets of Confident Riders

That ANY rider can use to become cool, calm & confident in the saddle!


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One of the best kept secrets in riding is that ANY rider can become confident, calm and collected in the saddle! 

There is no genetic pre-requisite that determines those that can be relaxed and happy while riding - from those who suffer from nerves and stress!

The good news is, it's all LEARNABLE skills, IF you have access to the right TOOLKIT! 


I used to be a nervous rider for YEARS and YEARS despite being a competitive rider who was starting, breeding and riding horses and stallions.


Every time I was on my horse, I was suffering from extreme nerves and tension - and the worst part was, my poor horses in-turn suffered a tense, stiff and over-reactive rider, making the vicious cycle self-perpetuating!


In my TOP SECRETs e-book I share with you the powerful keys I have used to transform how I think and feel in the saddle. This is the exact same starting point I use with my clients, who have also gone on to ditch fear and nerves -


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