Why I stopped helping my clients with 'motivation'

My client's are sometimes shocked when they come to me wanting help to 'lift their motivation' or 'feel more motivated', and I tell them I’m no fan of the multi-billion “motivation’’ industry.

Why? Because in my experience (and I see it mirrored in my clients too!) motivation is both fickle and fleeting. I believe it is an overused gimmick exploited by marketing gurus to sell you a dream – a ticket to the picture-perfect lifestyle.

Motivation is the view from your comfort zone - albeit an inspiring one that elicits all the good feelings! I will agree that while it plays an important role, it is a rather singular one and short lived.

Motivation’s role is to simply let you know WHERE you want to go; but it is NOT the wind on sails to get you there. It is not a constant companion on your journey, and if you only take action when motivation hits – I'm pretty sure those dream destinations will prove elusive.

Why? Because motivation is fickle and fleeting; and when the going gets tough, you’re more likely to feel motivated to eat pizza and drink wine on the couch than go out into the cold and rain and work hard to pursue that dream of yours - that you bought earlier from the marketing guru!

**So what then instead of motivation do I place my faith and value?** What single talent, virtue and skill do I think you need to crave, aspire to and cultivate instead?

Instead you need to learn to crave backbone, crave drive. Crave instead the far more powerful, but no way near as well branded... “Dedication”. Yep – I can see why dedication is not the same PR machine that motivation is (it’s not its own sexy billion-dollar industry there, old *Dedication* – but isn’t that telling all by itself!).

Dedication is the defining difference between the dreamers and the doers. The ‘I wishes’ and the ‘I’m working on its’.

It is what will take you from here to there and every other height you wish to ascend, because with dedication you understand that to act only when you feel like it, is to rob yourself of the things that you really DO want, the goals, dreams and destinations that you really do want to be do and have in your life.

"Dedication is what will make you steadfast and be the guiding compass in the face of all that comes, and come it will".

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Dedication is driven by passion and a view to your outcome, and it will not let you stay in your comfort zone, simply because you ‘don’t feel like being dedicated today’. Unlike motivation, which will leave you high and dry and always waiting for a more favourable wind to blow.

Dedication prepares you, and tests you, then prepares you some more; but it is always, always in the service of you.

Motivation might inspire you. But dedication will define you. It is what will leave the competition, the peanut gallery and the couch critics behind. And if you make dedication your ally on your journey - they won’t be able to follow you, where you’re going.

So for you on this journey, I wish you good dedication and resilience in your pursuit of your passion! You won’t need luck where you are going.

I can’t wait to see the heights you ascend. I can’t wait to see you soar!

Love Stef x

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