Living life by design, not by default

It's the second of July! Welcome to the second half of the year peeps and the beginning of a new Financial Year! 🥂

For me, I love the planning process and mapping out my intentions and goals and directing my life, riding and business towards my dreams and vision.

But I definitely wasn't always this way! I'm not a naturally organised person and used to abhor planning and structure, quite passionately! Using excuses like "I'm too creative" or "planning is stifling" or my personal favourite "I love the spontaneity of my (chaotic) life". 😂

None of that was true though, my life is much more free and creative and provides so much more opportunity for spontaneity and enjoyment now that I am living my LIFE BY DESIGN rather than by DEFAULT.

"Because to wake up and go about your weeks, months and years without planning and designing the life you want is to simply decide by DEFAULT, and accept what is served up rather than making your own menu." ✨

Living life by design,

So, on this beautiful first Monday of the Second Half - what are YOU planning to take you closer to your best life? Do you know what your ideal day, week and even month looks like and can you start to direct and curate your activities in this direction?

Chances are there are already many aspects of your ideal day in your life and by simply designing your days and weeks more consciously, you can make small changes that create BIG results - AND bring more joy and purpose into your life, training and riding. 🐴

So today I encourage you to create some space in your day, maybe with a coffee in a quiet space and take some time to map out your vision for the next 6 months, maybe even journal about your ideal day (you may have an ideal workday and an ideal weekend day).

This can then become the guiding vision that helps design your weekly and monthly intentions and action as you start designing your days and weeks to bring your vision and your ideal days to life. 💖

I'd also invite you to share something about your vision and intention with us here in the comments, as a courageous and public declaration of your commitment to start creating by design!

I'm so excited about the soon arrival of my journals that I'll again be selecting two winners of the Academy of Courageous Riding Journal from those that share below!

Happy designing and dreaming!

Love Stef x

Stef Winwood Coaching

About Me Hello! I'm Stef Winwood and I’m a Dressage rider, breeder mindset coach and anti-motivational speaker, combining my lifetime of riding and teaching with my NLP training for riding success. I am so passionate about helping riders like you transform your riding results.

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