Foolproof Recipe for Progress

INGREDIENTS 1 specific, measured, achievable and time-framed plan

1 robust mindset

7 kilos of fresh action

2 dozen freshly brewed coffees

1 kilo of accountability

Prep Time: ~45 mins Serves: One decent batch of progress

PREPARATION Take 1 cup of coffee and a journal/notebook Often we are quite bad at measuring our progress, losing sight of how far we have come, only looking forward to the road yet to travel. In order to measure and celebrate progress we need to make our plan specific and MEASURABLE, where we can actually track our journey from here to there. We also need to set a realistic timeframe. Anything can be achieved if given the right timeframe and support, but we often underestimate the micro-steps required to get there. (E.g. It might not be realistic to ride at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics if you are your horse are currently at Novice level!, but it could be totally realistic to compete at State and National Championships level next year at elementary).

So once we have a SMART plan (Specific, Measureable, Actionable, Realistic and Timeframed), we are set to get cooking up a beautiful batch of progress! SELECTING THE BEST INGREDIENTS The most critical ingredient in this fail-proof recipe for progress is the robust mindset! Make sure you select well from the shelf. The one I choose would be a mindset that is geared up to solve any problems that might arise during the week and is prepared to be creative and continue to focus forward even when life-happens. And happen it will.

A mindset that knows that the only failure is the failure to try - and try again. That what others may call failure is no such thing – it’s all just feedback. Information, experimentation and lessons accrued on your journey. A robust mindset makes what others call failure her friend. She knows that the best way to learn is sometimes to learn how NOT to do something. And that this collection of nots are leading her to her genius and her creativity and her full understanding as she grows her library of lessons. She wants to ‘fail’ often and ‘fail’ fast, because the people she admires are the ones who have ‘failed’ more times than she has yet tried and she knows that adopting this mindset is a crucial stepping stone to her vision. GRADUALLY MIX TOGETHER It doesn’t matter how beautiful, shiny and well mapped a plan is, if its not actioned it’s just beautiful words on paper. Action is what makes those beautiful goals and dreams leap off the paper and into your reality, like their own brand of magic.

Action that focuses on the outcome and is prepared to do the work, independent of emotion (you might need to deploy your robust mindset to help you in this regard). Because to operate only when you feel like it is to rob yourself of the goals and dreams lining those pages. There is a secret ingredient to nailing your ability to execute. It’s the realisation that action doesn’t have to be ALL AT ONCE. So many people fall over at the first hurdle, because they try to take ALL the action in one go, leaping from where they are now to the final destination and outcome in their mind. And when this falls down as overwhelming and insurmountable, they think that it was ACTION that what hard, not that the amount of action and leap they attempted was the hard part. By focusing on the daily steps and micro-steps of progress - by breaking down even the biggest journey into daily steps and actions progress becomes visible, inspiring and experienced! The surprising effect of running the race this way in my experience is that it is easier, faster and far more sustainable. THE SECRET SAUCE Sometimes to support our mindset and action taking a good dose of accountability can be the secret ingredient to ensuring that we follow-through with our plans and intentions and actually do what we said we would do! Pairing up with an accountability buddy and checking at the start and end of each week where you declare your intentions, planned actions and discuss and celebrate progress, challenges and learning’s has amazing power in keeping you accountable, on track and most importantly MOVING forward towards your goals and dreams. This can also be a space where you can enlist the creativity and birds-eye view of your challenges and plans from your accountability buddy. If you would like ME to be your accountability buddy, each week over on our facebook page I will post on a Monday a Planning and Accountability post, where you can declare your intention and action for progress for the week, and each Sunday I will check-in with each of you to find out how you went with your plans and actions. You can also use this space to ask questions and air challenges and celebrate triumphs. So if you would like to start this Monday – simply comment below with your weeks #trainingintention or #personalintention and let’s get accountable and progressing!

Love Stef x

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Hello! I'm Stef Winwood and I’m a Dressage rider, breeder and mindset coach combining my lifetime of riding and teaching with my NLP training for riding success. I am so passionate about helping riders like you transform your riding results.

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