From little actions big dreams grow

"From little actions, big dreams grow..." 🌱 🌳

Lots of little action, upon little action, step after step. Building consistent momentum and progress on your journey.

What seeds are you planting and nurturing in your life this Spring that will bring you closer to YOUR grand vision?

You might be amazed at the incredible things that you can create and achieve by simply breaking down what might seem like an insurmountable goal into weekly and monthly actions that add up to strong foundations and enormous progress.... and dreams becoming manifest in your life! Whatever they may be... owning your dream farm or your dream horse, riding your first Medium test or, flying change, or Grand Prix! Or it might be simply being able to canter confidently out of an area, completely free of fear....!

It's your dream and you get to choose what holds the most meaning and value for you! You get to determine your own definition of success!✨

What little actions and steps are you planning to take this week to help grow your big ideas and dreams? What is YOUR personal definition of success?

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Happy riding beautiful! Stef x

About Me:

Hello, I'm Stef Winwood and I love to help riders regain their riding confidence and ditch fear and nerves in the saddle, for good! As a rider, breeder, coach and ex 'nervous nelly' myself, I know how debilitating and frustrating fear and nerves can be, especially when they are robbing us of enjoying our pride and joy - our magnificent horses! Find out more here

#Ridinggoals #confidentriding

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