Nothing is an obstacle, unless you say it is

"Nothing is an obstacle, unless you say it is". 📣 - Wally Amos

I was reminded of this awesome quote by Wally Amos today and it is so worth sharing with you all here. At first it can sound like a flippant quote to simply fall over... but it is actually a powerful key to finding solutions. Because when you train yourself to ruthlessly look for solutions, then that is what you will find.

And the truth is WE get to decide what is and isn't an obstacle. We are so powerful, that we get to determine how we think about things - and determine for our own selves if something is an obstacle or an opportunity for us. ✨

We also get to decide if it's fun tackling challenges and leaning in to making our dreams a reality, or if it's scary and overwhelming...

And that's pretty awesome.... because when we realise that it's up to us, and the reins are in our hands... then that is when we can really powerfully step into the driving position and make things happen, by realising that the only thing that can ever get in our way is OURSELVES! :o

There are a few things that I have been lumbering around with deciding that they were obstacles and challenges that would be hard and heavy lifting to dismantle... I had forgotten that I was in my own way... and now that I am seeing clearly again, I'm so excited about what can change.

I'm already loving the shift I'm feeling about seeing these as awesome opportunities and learnings instead of hurdles and blocks - and it is going to be so awesome to jump and bust these in the months ahead! 💪

What have you been seeing as an obstacle that you can change into an opportunity? What barriers are you going to dismantle?

Happy riding, Stef

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