Let the only opinion of your riding that matters, be the opinion of your horse

Let your horse have the loudest voice in your riding and training.

Not of what to do and what to avoid - but to fully listen and know when something is working for him, when something is understood and explained properly, or when something is uncomfortable and difficult right now.

Courageous Riding Principle 4, www.courageousrider.com

Find out how he likes you to sit and balance yourself and when you help him improve his own balance and power.Of what he likes in his work and his favourite things to master. Of how he prefers to be motivated and rewarded. Of how he likes to be brushed and handled and who he likes to be around. "Seek his esteem, of your riding cred, above all others". And when he tells you that something is not quite right, be the Courageous Rider that you are, and ask outloud, no matter what and who is telling you otherwise, "what is not working for you right now, partner?" "how can I make this better for you? What do I need to teach myself or support you and us in this new asking?".... And watch as your horse, when he knows he now matters; when he trusts that he has a voice and an opinion - watch him try harder and become more willing and empowered. Watch him become your partner, your friend like never before. Because a good partnership is built on trust and respect not strength and obedience. What's your horse sharing with you this weekend? ✨Happy Riding, Love Stef

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Hello, I'm Stef Winwood,

And I love to help riders regain their riding confidence and ditch fear and nerves in the saddle, for good! As a rider, breeder, coach and ex 'nervous nelly' myself, I know how debilitating and frustrating fear and nerves can be, especially when they are robbing us of enjoying our pride and joy - our magnificent horses!

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