Sometimes you have to BE it, BEFORE you can believe it!

July 18, 2019

Sometimes you simply have to BE it BEFORE you can believe it! 

If you are going to take the big leap and cross the divide from a nervous, tense and ‘in-your-head’ rider to a more confident, calm and collected rider – at some point you’re going to have the make the decision to put those shiny new metaphorical boots on!

You’re going to have to step into-your-body and into the role and BE the person you need to be in order to BECOME the person you want to be!



Just like the only way to learn to ice-skate is to tie up those laces and get on the ice... so too must we actually tie on the confident rider persona and get on the horse - with our new relaxed and focused body.

When we put these boots on, we're deciding to BACK OURSELVES, and tell that internal chatter that says 'we can't' or reminds us of our previous failures and pains - that the rules have changed! It doesn't have a say around here anymore.

So when you've zipped up your gorgeous new metaphorical boots (mine are a fushia pink patent leather!) you'll be surprised that the actual getting on with the DOING of it can lead you to that wonderful HAVING of it – and where we finally believe in our own growth! 

Happy riding, P.S. let me know what your metaphorical boots look like!



About Me:

Hello, I'm Stef Winwood, and I love to help riders regain their riding confidence and ditch fear and nerves in the saddle - for good! As a rider, breeder, coach and ex 'nervous nelly' myself, I know how debilitating and frustrating fear and nerves can be, especially when they are robbing us of enjoying our pride and joy - our magnificent horses!​

Ditching fear and nerves takes so much more than just hours in the saddle, it takes powerful mindset and strategy work off the horse to rebuild how you think and feel on your horse.  Find out more about how I help riders love riding again here

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