#courageouspractise I got to put my NLP and hypnosis techniques to the test in a completely new way on the weekend, working towards conquering one of my biggest fears...

In the past I have been a VERY nervous flyer (ok you could describe me as terrified, if I'm completely honest!), I struggle with pressurizing my ears, I get severe ear pain and suffer from nausea and motion sickness while flying too...

It is only since completing my NLP training that I became totally comfortable flying on commercial airlines, able to trust the safety of commercial aviation and my ear pressure medication!

I'm currently visiting my family in NZ, as my mum is very unwell & my Dad wanted to share his passion for flying with us kids in his Gyrocopter (basically a motorbike with a rotor on top)...

While old me would have walked away at the mere thought of even watching my family members flying in an airborne motorbike, new me was excited to give it a go!

I spent an hour and a half soaring in the sky, dropping into valleys, doing some touch and go's on the beach, crossing mountain ranges and hovering the air.... When the weather changed and the wind and rain picked up and we were bouncing around in the air I found myself starting to get super nervous and started to look forward to getting back on the ground.... then I remembered this was an awesome opportunity to really practice what I preach in a whole new context.... Hovering at 1500 feet in the air over choppy seas I reminded myself to simply - RIDE THE PRESENT STRIDE!

I wasn't dropping out of the sky, I wasn't crash landing - I was just worrying about its possibility, considering the 'what-ifs' and remembering past my fear of flying.... I wasn't in my own body, where I actually was, safely way up in the air - and what a useless way to spend my time over some of the most spectacular countryside and waterways in the world!!

It's not every day you get a personal flying tour of the stunning beaches and headlands of Northland... getting up close and personal with the spectacular Mount Manaia...

So running my Wedgetail Technique I changed my physical fear reaction... and I was able to really enjoy my time in the flying bike in the sky with my Dad and soak in the incredible views!! I was able to trust his flying skills and I'm looking forward until the next time!

Happy fear conquering, Stef x

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