Merry Everything & Happy Always

Merry Christmas to all you beautiful souls!! 🌲

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful festive season and may some of you have presents that neigh! ❤️ None of mine have so far... But maybe that's not a bad thing 😅

We've been visited by Santa this morning and had some much needed replenishing rain this morning, and I'm so grateful 🙏💦

For those of you who have had a tough and trying year this year (I really feel you!)... In the face of this devastating drought, bushfires and those who have lost loved ones this year... And some of us who have faced this as a trifecta, I wish you peace and respite today.

May you find solice in the many beautiful things that still surround you everyday. Even if it's the simplest thing like a cup of fresh brewed tea with a friend or loved one... the feel of a velvet horse muzzle on your neck... Or the smell of fresh cut chaff (and maybe especially because it's the price of gold right now!)... May you soak yourself in these simple beauties of life's true treasures.

May you know that your community is here for you; I am here for you, and if you need anything then please do not be afraid to ask.

For me 2019 has been a year to really develop both my strength and resilience but also stretch my ability to accept and allow support and help from my friends and family - and it's been a beautiful lesson for me this year, to realise that being helped is part of being loved and also part of being loving ✨

Take care this holiday season, of yourselves, your four legged family and of each other!

Lots of love, Stef xx

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