Less hussle, more heart!

Don't squander your time with your horses in #hussle&hurry!

Horses hate rush and you will make more progress if you simply slow down, tune in and be all with your beautiful horse - connecting as two souls rather than master & slave.

Leave the bustle of the daily grind behind - before you step into the paddock or stable and before you greet your horse. Ditch all thoughts of the To Do List, What's for Dinner (man I hate that one!) or anything other than the important information that your horse is feeding you in THIS moment. 🐴

When you are with your horse - make sure that you are ALL there! Because when you are, THIS is where your confidence and genius wait. THIS is where you can let your horse become your greatest teacher and where you can develop the connection and harmony that you have been looking for.

This presence is the only gateway to progress that you need, and your horse is patiently waiting for you to discover it.

This weekend I invite you all to take a deep breath, slow down, tune in and proceed with your horses with less #hussle and more #heart!

Your horse will thank-you for it - and so will you, trust me!

Happy riding!


(Photo: a sleeping Wedgetail Aquila <3 )

Stef Winwood

About Me: Hello, I'm Stef Winwood, and I love to help riders regain their riding confidence and ditch fear and nerves in the saddle - for good! As a rider, breeder, coach and ex 'nervous nelly' myself, I know how debilitating and frustrating fear and nerves can be, especially when they are robbing us of enjoying our pride and joy - our magnificent horses!​ Ditching fear and nerves takes so much more than just hours in the saddle, it takes powerful mindset and strategy work off the horse to rebuild how you think and feel on your horse. Find out more here

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