We cannot outperform our own self esteem

Why doesn't hardwork always equal success?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it doesn't matter how many hours we spend practicing, working harder and harder, year after year, our results and progress simply don't reflect the thousands of hours, blood, sweat and tears we put in to something that we are so passionate about?!?

As a rider, I spent years watching aspects of this in my own riding, my students progress and in friends, often in people who had literally every ingredient supposedly required for success!

It was even more amazing to watch some novice riders develop so quickly, easily and surpass much more experienced riders in a short amount of time, with many on the sidelines grumbling about how unfair this was.

In the equestrian world it is often thought that there are only two types of riders 'the naturally talented riders' and 'those unfortunately not blessed with natural talent'.

Changing our minds

But I don't believe this to be true. I believe that we simply can't outperform our own self esteem. That we 'self limit' our 'talent' and progress to match our personal expectations (often second-hand relics handed to us by well meaning coaches, parents and peers) and that the difference between the talented rider camp and the rest of us is simply the burdens of our limiting beliefs.

If we can break free of the subconscious beliefs and self limitations that we carry around with relation to our riding (and everything else from business, finances, relationships), and ditch the scripts about how difficult making progress is, how much we lack confidence or <insert your old belief here>; then we can become the amazing, confident, connected and balanced rider that we have been working so hard to become, and it really can be as easy as changing our minds!

Sometimes, now that I have upgraded my limiting beliefs that held me stuck in my riding for so long (too long to even admit!!!), I find myself shocked how little effort progress requires from me now! In-fact, I can progress everyday whether I ride or not! Which is a good thing, as I've broken my back and am therefore firmly grounded for a while.

This can also show up in other ways too. Recently I realised that I'm sabotaging some major farm renovations (that I have been dreaming of my whole life) and have been limiting my farm's physical expression to match... (you guessed it) my self esteem (which now identified is going through a growth spurt). I was still carrying some heavy beliefs around not being worthy of a world class dressage arena, that 'you can't make money from horses' and that spending money on my passion is a 'waste of money'. Some reprogramming and release needed.

So my question beautiful is... where are YOU self limiting today? Are you ready to smash this old expectation to pieces?

Hope so! Love Stef xx

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