Defining my personal definition of success

March is such a magical time of year on the farm!!! Not only is it the start of Autumn, and my birthday month... but as the days cool down and the rhythms of the season changes, everything seems to take on the rose-coloured glow of Autumnal air.

For me March is a time of reflection, review and readjustment, following the closing of the fast-paced first 90 days of the year.

It’s a great time to reassess what is important for the remaining year ahead and to define what success really means for me personally.

Defining my personal definition of success

To me, success is the ability to fully experience and enjoy life - not only on weekends or holidays, or when I have achieved x, y and z or paid off my mortgage etc - but rather in crafting a life where I am captivated by the beauty that surrounds me everyday. By this I don't mean that I surround myself only with beautiful things - but instead that I enjoy and notice the everyday beauty in my life, now - and trust me, there is so much beauty to find if you just know how to look.

It's so easy (especially in the digital age) to get wrapped up in our 'To Do' lists and goals or in comparing ourselves with others - which can give us a sense of under achievement and skew our view to all the unfinished and unattained things - instead of valuing the things that we HAVE achieved, the lessons learned and the things we are enjoying working on now. Letting all the amazingness that we have created for ourselves, simply pass us by.

This Monday I am fully noticing the beautiful seasonal changes, the greening grass after late summer rain, the soft haze of warm (but no longer boiling) sunshine, and my favourite view over the escarpment.

I would love to know what beauty you are noticing around you today? Do you find this an easy or a difficult exercise? I'd love to know!

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Hello! I'm Stef Winwood and I’m a Dressage rider, breeder and mindset coach combining my lifetime of riding and teaching with my NLP training for riding success. I am so passionate about helping riders like you transform your riding results.

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