What if you already had everything you need?

Start where you ARE, use what you HAVE!

*You are equipped *You already have everything you need to start today *You are already enough!

But you DO have to embrace where you are at NOW in order to make progress!

I love working with riders, but one of the number 1 challenges they face is that they often want to train from where they WANT TO BE (flying changes anyone?), or WHERE THEY USED TO BE - ignoring the fact that it's a partnership and you have to BE where you and your horse are TODAY.

I get it, sometimes its a real bummer to feel like you have to rehash old ground - but I promise if you do, you NEED this lesson, you need to make your foundation more rock solid, and doing so is helping you succeed faster - yes faster.

I try to explain it like this - If you are right now in Australia, and you want to plan and take a journey to France (because who doesn't). Can you take the very first step of your journey in China? Is planning from a port you're not in right now going to help you get there?

Embracing, accepting and (even loving if you can) where you are today will get you where you are going so much faster! Especially if you are prepared to enjoy the view along the way.

How can you YOU start today, exactly from where you are? What have you been putting off until later or until..... x, y or z? What little step could you take TODAY to put you on your path? Let me know below.

Can't wait to see your riding dreams take flight! Love Stef xx

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Hello! I'm Stef Winwood and I’m a Dressage rider, breeder and mindset coach combining my lifetime of riding and teaching with my NLP training for riding success. I am so passionate about helping riders like you transform your riding results from fearful and stuck to courageous and joyful.

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