Work with me

I help riders reprogram limiting beliefs, delete negative subconscious patterning and upgrade thought processes using powerful NLP.

I combine NLP with clear, conscious & actionable strategy to help riders not only strive for their riding & life goals like never before, but also to dream bigger dreams.  

vip 10 week program

If you are ready to move your riding forward - where you actually start ENJOYING riding again &

you want a highly supportive and systematic approach



Are you spending hours in the saddle, but STILL you feel stuck and frustrated and not making any meaningful progress? 🎠

Are you sick of ‘going around in circles’ 😉 of the metaphorical kind without a clear direction and system for progress?


Are you looking for more indepth, one to one coaching to help you move your riding or work/life balance forward in a powerful and permanent way?

Dressage coaching

My love for classical equitation and Dressage  was firmly cemented during my time working at La Ecole DÁrt Equestre, (School of Equestrian Arts) in Switzerland.


Dreaming of  a baroque beauty in your paddock?

Wedgetail Equine breeds a small number of quality colonial warmbloods and has stallions at stud.